We wish the Ethiopian New Year to be a year of happiness and prosperity for all our members and benefactors. This New Year ushered in accompanied by charity guided visit of the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots’ Association Leadership. The visit was significant and crucial from the stand point of the partnership need for the Compassionate Home for women Cancer Patients Project.

The pilots association delegation on its visit has had talks with some women cancer patients in the centre and to that expressed its heartfelt compassion for them all along with expression of words of acknowledgement for the work YECA is undertaking.

As has been indicated in the talks between YECA and EALPA besides the financial support accorded to YECA , the bilateral communication and partnership would assume its prominent height in the future. It has also been made clear that the liaison between the two was effected by w/o Wongelawit Mesfin , member of YECAS board of directors.

YE Ethiopia Cancer Association is very much grateful and respectfully thanks the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots’ Association for all of its support.

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