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Cancer awareness enhancement lesson delivered to the staff of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise

The association is continuously boosting its commitment in alarming people to prevent from cancer. This time it held a successful cancer awareness enhancement lesson at the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise. Dr. Biniyam Tefera, oncology resident and member of our association delivered a stirring presentation which emphasized on the most prevalent cancer types in Ethiopia, breast cancer and cervical cancer

The association would like to thank Dr. Biniyam Tefera for his incessant cooperation and also the gender and social affairs department of the enterprise for facilitating the event.

The association took part in the popular Taste of Addis Food Festival

Staff of the association had spent two fruitful days at the glamorous Taste of Addis Food Festival that took place from 18 to 19 November 2017. The initiative was made in partnership with the youth members of Addis Ababa Rotaract Club and it holds a primary objective of demonstrating major activities of the association to attendants of the festival.

The association would like to thank the youth members of the Addis Ababa Rotaract Club for their enormous support and also organizers of the festival for the great generosity they have shown for a price free participation.

Cancer awareness enhancement lesson delivered to the students of Ethio - Parents School

Addis Ababa, 21 November 2017 - Students of Ethio - Parents' School have been offered an elaborated awareness enhancement lesson on cancer. Dr. Yetbarek Mengistu, oncology resident and member of our association has made a magnificent presentation in a way it best suits their interest.

The association is very much pleased with the endeavor since it firmly believes in the imperative of alarming youngsters on cancer just as much as the elders.

A New Intervention in the October International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2017

The month of October is designated for the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As in the previous times it has been marked in Ethiopia with a different set of activities. This year a new campaign was launched by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with stakeholders including our association.

The campaign was a demonstration of self breast examination technique for people who visited the following ten health posts in Addis Ababa: Nifas Silk H.P, Bole 17 H.P, Lideta H.P, Addisu Gebeya H.P, Yeka H.P, Kolfe H.P, Kazanchis H.P, Saris H.P, Addis Ketema H.P and Arada H.P.

It is our hope that a large number of people have gained a comprehensive knowledge on how to examine a breast cancer on their own.

Abet Volunteers once again brightened the Compassionate Home !

Tuesday September 26, 2017, the Meskel Holiday (Finding of the True Cross) was joyfully and colorfully celebrated at the Compassionate Home with "Abet Volunteers". Abet Volunteers are a group of young educated men and women who have made volunteerism part of their personality. The traditional dances around the Demera and all the other plays have greatly entertained those women cancer patients being served at the Home.

Thank You so much Abet Volunteers!

A New Year, a new hope!

We wish the Ethiopian New Year to be a year of happiness and prosperity for all our members and benefactors. This New Year ushered in accompanied by charity guided visit of the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots' Association Leadership. The visit was significant and crucial from the stand point of the partnership need for the Compassionate Home for women Cancer Patients Project.

The pilots association delegation on its visit has had talks with some women cancer patients in the centre and to that expressed its heartfelt compassion for them all along with expression of words of acknowledgement for the work YECA is undertaking.

As has been indicated in the talks between YECA and EALPA besides the financial support accorded to YECA , the bilateral communication and partnership would assume its prominent height in the future. It has also been made clear that the liaison between the two was effected by w/o Wongelawit Mesfin , member of YECAS board of directors.

YE Ethiopia Cancer Association is very much grateful and respectfully thanks the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots' Association for all of its support.

A Cancer awareness enhancement lesson delivered to the employees of the Ministry of Industry

The association held a cancer awareness enhancement lesson at the Ministry of Industry on August 24, 2017.The program was initiated in partnership with the Women's Forum of the Ministry. The theme of the presentation and discussion was breast and cervical cancers, which are the most prevalent cancer types in Ethiopia.

Dr Bniyam Tefera presenting the awareness lesson

It is hoped that the platform not only provided the vital information on cancer but also encouraged the attendants to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from the disease. The association would like to thank Dr. Biniyam Tefera, oncology resident for his inspirational presentation, and also the Ministry of Industry Women's Forum for the strong commitment they have shown to make the program possible.

Images from Cancer awareness enhancement lesson at Ministry of Industry

Cancer awareness enhancement lesson delivered to the staff of Ethiopian Investment Commission ( EIC )

The association in collaboration with the Ethiopian Investment Commission ( EIC ) delivered an awareness enhancement lesson of cancer, on March 8 , 2017.The employees of the commission were assembled in their spacious and colorful hall for the main purpose of marking the annual International Women's day.

The lesson was presented by Dr. Biniyam Teffera , our association member who is a resident at the Addis Ababa University Department of Oncology. The presentation mainly dealt with breast and cervical cancers, and It is hoped that the audience has gained much from the awareness lesson and also has ignited the eagerness to know more about Cancer in the future. This has been vividly shown by the urge of the employees to join the association membership in large number.

The association is always ready to deliver similar awareness enhancement programs in any such institutions in the future. We would like to extend our word of thanks for Ethiopian Investment Commission management and employees, especially the commission's women committee.

Images from Cancer awareness enhancement lesson

World Cancer Day February 4 2017

The World Cancer Day takes place on 4th February, 2017 under the tag line 'We can . I can. ' According to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), Cancer still remains a major threat of the world, which will be responsible for the estimated deaths of 21.7 million people per year in less than two decades time.

In relation to this, the global cancer body advises the global public to work aggressively on the preventive aspects of the disease. As research has indicated, more than one third of all Cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes such as being physically fit and leading a healthy life style.

Apart from prevention, researches also implied that physical activity significantly helps cancer patients , not only to manage the life-altering side- effects of treatments such as fatigue , depression and heart damage , but also in reducing the risk of the disease worsening or recurring.

Thus on this World Cancer Day, YE Ethiopia Cancer Association strongly urge all Ethiopians to stay fit to defeat Cancer.


Take Part in the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As October approaches, what draws the attention of Cancer society's around the world is , the "International Breast Cancer Awareness" engagements.

The event is celebrating its 32th anniversary internationally while in Ethiopia it is being marked for the 10th consecutive year with a theme of "Save Your Life with Self Breast Examination".

Images from October Breast Cancer Awareness Month ,2015

What a joyful Holiday of Meskel at the Compassionate Home

The Holiday of Meskel (Finding of the True Cross) was marked at the YECA Compassionate Home together with "Abet Volunteers ", who made the day sensational.

"Abet Volunteers " is a group of young people who are engaged with different charitable activities in the country .They are one of the active supporters of YE Ethiopia Cancer Association , hence during the course of the day ,the association granted them a "Certificate of Honor " for their love and dedication so far.

The day went cheerfully, with a coffee ceremony, dancing party, photo shootout and wrapped up with the traditional ceremony of Demera. Such type of festivities brings joy to patients in the Compassionate Home and that is what YE Ethiopia Cancer Association is always striving for.

A Spotlight At "The 10th Stop Cervical , Breast and Prostate Cancer In Africa Conference"

The 10th Stop Cervical , Breast and Prostate Cancer In Africa Conference has been held from July 24-27 at the African Union Complex , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference was organized by Princess NiKky Breast Cancer Foundation in collaboration with Government of Ethiopia through the office of First Lady, Forum of First Ladies Against Breast and Cervical Cancer , African Parliamentarians and Health Ministers Against Cancer and other partners , with a theme of "A Decade of Accomplishments : Our Enduring Legacies and The Challenges Ahead "

The Conference has raised a wide range of issues on Cancer by elite panelists among which Dr Mathewos Asssefa , Board Chair Man of YE Ethiopia Cancer Association and Dr Wondemagegn Tigeneh, Member of YE Ethiopia Cancer Association .

The following were the main agenda items during the course of the Conference
  • Overview Of Cancer Burden In Africa
  • Partnership To End Cancer In Africa: Training and Capacity building
  • Facts and Figures of Cancer In Ethiopia
  • Addressing The Hidden Epidemic : From Policy To Implementation Of Cancer Prevention And Control In Ethiopia
  • A Decade of HPV Vaccination : What does Preventing Cervical Cancer mean in the era of Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG )
  • The Next Decade To Stop Breast Cancer In Africa: Access to Medicines , Diagnostics and Treatments
  • The Role Of African Ministers , Parliamentarians and Speakers Of Parliaments To Stop Cancer In Africa and The Sustainable Development Goals

The Conference has praised H.E Madam Roman Tesfaye as the new "Chair Person , Forum of African First Ladies / Spouses Against Cervical , Breast And Prostate Cancer ( 2016-2017)" and H.E Hailemariam Desalegn , Prime Minister Of Ethiopia as the new "Africa's Goodwill Ambassador For Women and Children's Health ( 2016 - 2017 )"

All the delegates of YE Ethiopia Cancer Association had a fruitful conference , where they grasped a comprehensive knowledge from the panel discussions and also approached different stakeholders in the field of Cancer

The estimated 5000 distinguished delegates and speakers from Africa and across the world has made "The 10th Stop Cervical , Breast and Prostate Cancer in Africa Conference " the largest gathering of international stakeholders and specialists in the field of Cancer prevention and control in the African continent.

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